Sunsets of Mauritius

3년 전

Mauritius is an island in East Africa located in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean. The island is part of the Republic of Mauritius. Mauritius has a volcanic origin and the coasts of the island are surrounded by coral reefs. The island has a tropical humid climate. Dry season on the island from September to November. Mauritius is popular with tourists. My friend sent me these beautiful pictures of the sea. I'm happy to share with you sunsets and clouds of Mauritius.

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Wow, very nice pictures.Your friend is really a great photographer. Everytime you show us various kinds of natural beauty of all over the world, keep sharing sir.And let us see the world's beauty.

What a set of spectacular shots! Well done!

These pictures are so gorgeous! All of them are beautiful, especially the sunset and the ones with the boats!


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Gorgeous!! Especially the first one, looks like a painting. No wonder that's why you're using 'the sunset of Mauritius' as the title. Mauritius is a must-go in my vacation list now :-)

😲 Great pictures! What kind of camera did you use to take them?

Thank you for sharing these lovely photo's.

Unbelievably great photos. Thumbs up!!!:-)

The sky is so full of colors.. its like heaven on earth.. you must have felt great peace there..


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Stunning Shot

Mauritius is a really nice place and your friend is a lucky devil :-)
Great Pics my friend.


Beautiful photographs, looks easy fishing with a net :)


Thank you!

OMG it so amazing and magnificent

i love it

can i borrow some of it for my wallpaper design?

you can also help me out in this blog @goldenvallypence

  ·  3년 전

Amazing post... I love it. View my blog you for more nature pictures..