Sunsets of Omsk

3년 전

Omsk is a large city in Russia located at the confluence of the rivers Irtysh and Om. The city is located in the south of Siberia in the forest-steppe zone. Therefore, the climate of Omsk is moderate without strong frosts, as in the north of Siberia. You will be amazed by the abundance of sunny days and beautiful sunsets. My friend sent me these sunny photographs of the rivers. I'm glad to share with you sunsets of Omsk.

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The 3rd photo is particularly nice!


Thank you for rating!

Wow, what a beauty of sunset! I am really tuched.Your friend is really great photographer.I always like sunset photography.

Great landscapes... from urban to rural! Lovely photos! 😃


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I really like the third one, the lighting is awesome!

Wonderful photos! That sunset is just too beautiful.

So amazing!

simply beautiful the landscape brother @always1success

nice pictures!

Nice, clean environment , might be really popular on weekends for picnics