Working As A Security Guard At The Football Club Spartak In Subotica


Greetings Steemians.

Today was a rainy day in Subotica as i was working as a security guard making sure that no audience will jump in the match.

Spartak is form Subotica city that is located in Serbia and they play first league football games.

It was a rainy day and the grass was slippery but we managed to get the job done.
There wasnt much audience beacuse it was raining.
The last result was:

Spartak Subotica (3) vs Macva Sabac (1)

I managed to capture some great photos for you all to see:

This last pic is the logo of the club.

I hope you guys enjoyed these shoots :)

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It's an amazing stadium and the view is unbelievable really, however club spartak is this really in Russia it seems we have one in Russia as well as Serbia? Or I'm I wrong?


Yes there is also a club named Spartak in Russia.
This one is located in Serbia, Russia and Serbia have alot of similar names and they are both Orthodox.

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Thanks for clarifying that for me, I didn't know that Russia and Serbia were close. It's lovely Grass there

Napravio si lepe slike, pozdrav iz Skoplja.


Hvala puno, pozdrav i tebi :)

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