Narrow Street In Piran (Slovenia)

2년 전

Narrow Streets Piran.jpg

I have always liked the narrow streets, which you can find practically in every Mediterranean town. The one in the photo is from Slovenian coastal town Piran. The street climbs up towards St. George's Parish Church, which is on top of the hill looking over the town. Luckily for my legs the climb was short.

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Town in the USA look so different. Those do look like they would be fun to walk

That's really wow. How many years ago were those streets built?

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Nice shot. I’ve seen a lot of narrow streets all over Europe. Not here in US. I really like wide spaces though. 😊


Yeah, but this narrow streets are just for walking. old towns, near the coast, were usually made on locatons, where there was not much space for building, so I guess that's the reason why houses are so close to each other. But yes, I agree, I like wider spaces more, too. Thanks for stopping by, @starjewel.

Narrow streets are old fashioned i guess always get the old feel whenever i came across

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Nice foto - very Mediterranean indeed. I always think that it is charming and wonder whether people get along in these towns - even if the neighbors are family members.