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Thanks 😀🙏🏻

Seems like a nice place to stroll around.. And I searched about Pecs, and realized it was in Hungary - where my parents originally were! I've never been to Hungary myself, but I lived with Hungarian food mostly on the table - goulash and schnitzel.


well yeah, I'm not Hungarian but I am living here more than 5 years,so i know this country almost as my motherland, Hungary is one of the hidden gems in Europe, even most of the ​people want to go only to Budapest​ which is the capital but there are lots of other cities which are beautiful as well as Budapest​ like Pecs and szekesfehervar , Debrecen​ .... and about the dishes 😅😋 Goulash and borosoi in my opinion are one of the best 🤙🏻
anyway thank you for your comment 🙏🏻 it means a lot to me 🙂


You're welcome, @amirphr! 😊

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