No shame needed...


I retired this account a few months ago, after I was viciously attacked and threatened in direct messages. Apparently posting such content was shameful and I needed to be told...


I wasn’t posting for rewards, I was posting for myself. A form of self expression (like my self portraits but more sensual), I was posting to experiment, I was posting to force myself out of my comfort zone. I was posting for me.

After the account being brought up again last week, to shame me again.. I decided to start using it again.. because quite frankly I think the female form is complex and intriguing.. and with so much shaming happening, I figured it was a good day to do it...


Because quite frankly...


I don’t give a fuck what you think.

Xoxo 💋

Photos of me, by me.

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Seriously, did someone shame you for pictures like this? This is the 21st century people, get with the program. I love these pictures, hold your head high and keep at it, you are gorgeous!


Awe thanks Eve, I appreciate that! Yes I was harassed pretty hard for them, but it was mostly trolls. I thought they were pretty tame haha.

I appreciate it lots ❤️❤️


Let trolls rotten in their caves, not like they understand much on beauty anyway.

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Just use the NSFW tag and you'll should be good.


It's not NSFW though, they're tastefully done and they show no actual nudity. She should be tagging them #spectacularbadass



the nsfw work tag is one I ponder about. In my head I guess if it’s the same as someone would see in a bathing suit then it seems fine. If it’s too provocative or actually nudes then of course it needs the tag. I guess if these types of boudoir style shots are seen as something that needs a tag (by the community) then I have no problem adding it.. but for now I’ll continue with my bathing suit logic.. because I mean, bathing suit logic is super smart, right? It sounds smart...


Exactly. there is literally no difference in what you're wearing than that of a different person wearing a bathing suit. In fact, you're covering up WAY more than what a lot of women (and men) wear at the beach covers up.
Men walk around with no shirts on. Slap an NSFW tag on those guys.

If it's because of the suggestive nature of the pictures, then every flirty little teenager blasting their provocatively-posed duck face pictures around everywhere on their social media sites should be locked right up into the basement of a nun convention.

Good to see you back. You were missed! 🤗
Cockroaches don't like daylight. Maybe they will scurry now.
But still, please keep it dark! ;)


Hello old friend!! 🤗 You know me.. love to explore my dark side 😉

I retired this account a few months ago, after I was viciously attacked and threatened in direct messages. Apparently posting such content was shameful and I needed to be told...

Sorry to hear this @ananke, there really is no excuse for people to behave in such a way and we are assuming this was because it was showing up on the UI, which has always been proven tricky with the general audience in its acceptance.

Part the reason I & the team built Dporn was to provide a safe place to enable adults to freely express their sexuality/emotions in whatever matter they see fit to do so without the ridicule of ...anything but this crowd.

You would think this wouldn't be such a hard concept to get ,but clearly as we see with what happened to you - it is.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on harrasment here on this tribe, so feel free to express yourself as needed. Reach out to us if you have any questions on anything we are fairly active in our discord here.

Looking forward to your posts going forward. Thank you.


I appreciate you reaching out and providing a place for people to express themselves. While I believe my situation was just due to something personal against me and less about the content, I do still think many are probably harassed for their content alone. So I definitely can see the need for a place as you described, thanks for doing it.

That's rough! It super sucks that you were attacked so harshly, I'm honestly shocked. I'm glad you're giving it another shot though, that 2nd photo is just amazing. Well done!


I think they just are looking for a reason to be honest, but hey.. they can only win if I let them 🙂

Thank you ❤️


😂 Need to add that to my list of books to read. 😃

I think you’re amazing. Your pictures are lovely and tasteful and I only wish I could be so brave. And, yes.. who gives a flying fuck what assholes say?

Well, actually, I do if they’re harassing you. Send those people to me. We’ll have a lil’ talk.

In fact
Come at me, asshats.


Love you 😘 and thanks for being you.


😘 Lots of love back!

What a shame, love your photos, they are very sensual 😍


Thank you! I really appreciate that! Just learning but enjoy experimenting with the style.

I'm guessing you were posting on Steemit directly. I was also attacked I had some fights it was a real struggle for any of my nude work. I even made some instructional Nude Retouching Overview videos were I showed my process and the asshole when though and flagged me on youtube until I lost my account on yt even though YT has nudity all over it and my was art and educational and not porn.

Upvoted and followed. Come by and check out my work sometime.

I don't know you or know what specifically happened, but I just stumbled on your post and just thought I'd say that I think it's good you're going to continue to express yourself on here! Self expression is great and important in my opinion and I dunno why anyone would have a problem with what you're doing as long as you're not unjustly harming anyone else. No victim, no crime.

Whoever reveals his soul and shares his feelings has my total admiration and respect.

Those who offend, those who are intolerant, those who enjoy provoking and making others suffer, only show that they have an empty and arid soul like the desert.

Do what makes you happy and ignore those who want to cover you with their unhappiness.

These pictures are full of life, full of desire, full of beauty.
F***k the trolls ! :)

Welcome back! Don't pay attention and do always what you makes happy!
Very nice pics!
And if someone attacks you just ask to all of us for help!!!see you!!

Glad to see you out of retirement!

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Thank you! ☺️ Clearly I’m entirely too young to retire anyways 😜

Your photos are fine. Too bad there those assholes out there that are miserable little creatures that get their kicks trying to make good people miserable. Rock on girl!!!

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Awesome, welcome back. Post whatever you like and what makes you feel good. Nobody else matters. I'm giving you a !BEER token .

Hey @ananke, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hey @ananke, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

thats Crazy ! Good for you for bringing it back ... forget what others say and think ... if you yourself are comfortable doing it .. then who cares what others think!