Grapes and Roza what I love.

4년 전

Grown up by the hands lightens the mood every day. Passing every time by I stop to look at roses sometimes I notice insects who sit on flowers it takes attention. I hope that the quality of the photo not strongly strains you. 

1) Pink rose (bush).

2) Yellow rose (bush).

3) A pink rose with big buds and the little friend a bee (bush).

We pass to pictures which I had taken today.It is a little grapes to you in a news feed!

1) I haven't kept up (Green) yet

 2) Sultana Vingersky (small berries without stones)

3) These are grapes - the Cardinal.

4) A grade - Arkady (sweet grapes)

Many thanks that have found time for my post! It is pleasant to read your comments.

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Nice pictures! What camera do you use?


Hi! It is a shame to me because photos are made on the smartphone. There is a wish to save up for the good camera


no shame as long as looks nice! :)

Nice photographs. I see you have maintained a vary good garden and you have grown various types of roses and grapes.Photographs of roses and grapes are beautiful, and these varieties are grown up by your own hands I appreciate.


Thanks! I am glad that was pleasant to you

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i like 1,2 3 & 4

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