Have you conquered the Great Wall of China in your life? 😏


Have you conquered the Great Wall of China in your life? 😏

Getting to this place has always been my dream, and dreams must come true! Thoughts are material, and therefore we must believe only in the best 😊

А вы покорили в своей жизни хоть раз Великую китайскую стену ?😏

Попасть в это место - всегда было моей мечтой, а мечты должны сбываться! Мысли материальны, и потому мы должны верить только в лучшее 😊

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I believe we can will things into our lives
There has to be thought before existence.
Positive Positive
I love what you wrote super cool

On a lighter side your shirt
"Donald Duck"

I have said this for years

I'm like Donald Duck
I don't give a F---
If it don't rain
I will walk.

Sorry I haven't seen a D D shirt in years
Mercy if I have offended


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Wonderful girl


hehe) many thanks!

I love your shirt lol.


thank you =)me too

I have always wanted to visit this place @andrianna ... and congratulations on achieving on your dream :)


Many thanks!

One day I will also conquer the Great Wall of China. One day.
Thanks for sharing this short but very motivating post @andrianna


With pleasure! and thank you!

One day we will go to the Great Wall of China and conquer it. Since we are travel bloggers, I bet we will have a lot to write about this huge piece of architecture :)


very cool! well done!

Wowww great dear and you look so beautifull 😍