bunga Milkweeds

4년 전

The color may be purple and pretty but milkweeds contain poison which can mean death. These flowers are tiny and the sap contains alkaloids and kardenoloid, a type of wet compound that is often used as a medicine. Of course the use of this sap should not be arbitrary. Because if in the wrong hands, can be toxic. Milk flower has poison as a defense pattern against caterpillar attack and animal destructive animal. If someone accidentally puts poison into the trunk then the possibility that will happen is tringer dermatitis or skin disorders until it can reach death.

In the past, South Americans and Africans used the sap of this flower to be applied to the tip of their arrows as poison in archery game. Milkweeds can irritate the skin by consuming 10 percent of body weight. Not only flowers alone, all parts are exposed to toxic. Positivenya this flower will produce a fragrant smell in your garden and will beat the flower of other flowers.

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Good photo capture and beautiful view of the eyes of friends

Heard milkweed balm made from the seed is good for pain. We keep milkweed under control on our farm but always let some grow for the butterflies.
Nice post thanks