[Baikal 2016] Isle Ogoy at Sunset, Lake Baikal #2

4년 전


During our phototour we stayed on Island Olkhon. Olkhon is a huge island and at winter it is a most popular destination on Lake Baikal. There is a channel between north bank of Baikal and Island Olkhon which called Small Sea. Small Sea become frozen much earlier than the rest of the lake and due to the very strong winds the ice there usually clean from snow. This unique clean and crystal clear ice attracts many landscape photographers from around the world.

Lake Baikal ice is a great foreground for landscape photography but what about background you may ask? There are many small and strangely shaped isles in the Small Sea which makes a perfect background. The isle you see on this photo has name Ogoy and it looks like fairy tale stone ship gliding across the ice surface of the lake.

Technical details:

CameraNikon d810
LensNikkor 16-35 f/4
SettingsISO 64, 16 mm, f/11, 1/30
OtherSingle shot

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Anshar Photography

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Wow! Incredible! 😊

  ·  4년 전

Beautiful click and some new info for me, a thumbs and resteem to support your work from my side. Cheers....

Mind blowing ... Just love it ..
Thanks for sharing


Yeah ... great click

Nature is just love !!!
Nice Catch

Freaking gorgeous pic! You nailed another masterpiece!

This picture is pure emotion! Thanks for sharing!

Great nature with great photographer...

Amazing photography and lots of architecture photo's.

Can i please use some for my cartoonizing artwork?
You can check my blog to see some examples of photo's i have done for other Steemians.


Thanks! I posted it. I love how the cracked ice cartoonizes. This will probably come back in our comic as a deserted ice planet :-) If you like my style, pls follow!


On another subject, i just posted a short story i made today and i'm very curious what you think about it.

If it's not too much trouble, could you take a look at it and tell me if it's any good?

WoW impressive shot, tweeted and UpVoted :)


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Everytime I see this picture (and the parte 1) at my Home Feed I always think that it was taken from a boat and there's waves generated by a motor behind. But then I click to check it and it's frozen ice. Well done to keep tricking my mind, hahahaha!

Beat ever photography

This is an wonderful piece, and that rock is reflecting as an Lion, so i want give this picture a name as "Lion Of Crystal World". Thanks for sharing.

Stay Blessed.

woooow beautifuuul i love it

wowww incredible photography. I love it

Awesome shot! Groundbreaking!


Wow, breathtaking, @ansharphoto. Your photograph has such precision!

It looks like a giant threw a huge rock on the frozen lake, which almost broke through the ice! I like that we can see the details of the cracks of ice.

It is a great photo shoot thanks for sharing

Wow this is very nice, Keep it up!

God Blessed pictures

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Oh my lord.... Yet again im speechless... How in the world can you be so good?

Beautiful photo as usual, upvoted, keep posting

wow, amazing shot