Bird of paradise.

11개월 전

Bird of paradise, in this case, is not a bird but a flower.

I stumbled upon it, hidden in a private garden.

The curious thing is that their flowering period is in winter

and early spring and my photo was taken in summer, a couple of days ago.

The plant origin is South Africa. However, it can be found almost in all continents.

Wikipedia is where you'll find more information about it, especially photos with different


My photo with my MI.

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Beautiful Exotic flower!!!


Nice photo, in Venezuela there are in different colors.


Yes.. the most beautiful!!


You right my friend. Because beauty cannot be described. Just feel it.

Best photography I love nature ♥️

That's right, here in Venezuela this beautiful plant blooms all year round, it is a beauty of lasting flower and nuy.

Wow, what a beautiful flower. I have never seen one like this before - great shot, thank you.

Best photography !

Is it the flower tree

Wow! That's a Beautiful Flower 🌸

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Nature at its best ... amazing colors ... made my day.

Hey I like your photo please check also my photos
And please do upvote and comment

In my old house I used to have this flower. Very unique and beautiful.

Wow it really looks amazing :)

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Great shot

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Nature is interesting ❤ good photo 🙋

Mesmerizing picture. A rare real natural beauty.
Thanks for sharing this special picture with STEEMIT members.
Do post such beautiful pictures many more.

Wow this flower is so beautiful. We have a lot of this in our home town 😊

Good post please follow me

Your scene looks like my impossible way and impressed very nice.

Nature is very beautiful. this flower is amazing and perfect shoot. Thanks for sharing.

These are one of my favourite flowers, I just love the bright colours... unfortunately I just lost mine over winter because I left it out in the frost - silly me!

The photo is really nice and the flower. Its really interesting that the winter season flower gives you a chance to click in summer season.

Hi dear @antonella
Your photography are really wonderful
Best of luck dear