Dew drops wallpapers

11개월 전

Very beautiful and charming for those who see it, this is the most beautiful gift I have ever received when capturing this moment or photo. These Dew Drops wallpapers and backgrounds are very beautiful when you enjoy this photo collection. I myself really enjoy it, maybe moments like this are rare and hard to get.


Requires focus and concentration which is very important when taking high quality pictures or photos. I am very satisfied with the results of the smartphone camera that I have is very good and beautiful.

To be honest I am very grateful and want to share with everyone, on this occasion this post was only enough.


LensLenovo A7010a48
SettingsISO149 | 3.68mm | f/2.275007 | 1/50
LocationGarut, West Java


Thanks for reading and all the support, Steemit!!

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