Some pictures of my field practices!

2년 전
Hello friends of the steemit family! A few days ago I have not published any post and today I finally have some content that may be of your liking.

As I mentioned in my presentation posts, I am a Geography student, to be brief with this career I can be trained to study both biophysical and socio-economic aspects of the Earth's surface, which is what brings us to this post, in my career we see a course during the fifth semester called Geomorphology, in which in a very specific way we carry out studies and appraisals of the physical characteristics of the geographical space (relief), after approximately 5 months of theoretical evaluations we have a week of field practices, in which we made trips to different parts of the Mèrida State in Venezuela, of which I will show some photos taken by myself with my Huawei Y3 II cell phone, I hope you enjoy them!


Personally this is one of my favorite photographs of said occasion, located Vía Lagunillas, west of the city of Mérida.


Photograph of the Sector Las Gonzalez, in Lagunillas.


Urao Lagoon. Lagunillas.


Lagunillas is one of the most arid regions of the Merida State


Panoramic view of the town of Chiguara.


Caru India waterfall, located in Bailadores, southwest of the Merida State.



Photographs of La Playa Sector in Bailadores.

These are some of the most attractive pictures I could select from my field practices, they were taken in December 2017 and it seemed a good idea to share them with you! I hope you liked it!

Thank you very much for going over my post friends of Steemit! In the next few days I will be uploading much more content! Leave your opinions in the comment box, and vote, greetings and good vibes for all of you!

If you want to know more about me and who I am, click here!

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¡muy bueno!