The genius of contemporary art / Kit for regions in crisis - post-real devices

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In some publications I have spoken of how absurd contemporary art can be, however, not all is lost. There are some very interesting artists, such as Efraín Ugueto, a contemporary artist of Venezuelan origin who has some works dedicated to the social part.


Today I present you a work by this artist entitled Kit for regions in crisis - post - real devices. Let's see what it is about.

At first it looks like an emergency kit offered by some non-governmental organizations, but its meaning is much more exquisite than that of a kit we have commonly seen.


In a world with strong economic and social crises we all face different scenarios depending on our status, many things are not working badly since centuries. Crises of values, economic crises, wars, famines, overpopulated cities generate the greatest of chaos.

The aim of this kit is to ridicule and even give a pinch of satire in the best style of black humor about how to deal with the crises generated by the system.


The kit has a series of instruments that are specially designed to measure different things. For example: the unevenness guide, which is a level but with a bundle of dollars that serves to always obtain unfavorable results with respect to the inflation of a country and the devaluation of the currency.


Another instrument that caught my attention is the intellect meter, which is dedicated to intellectuals who make an effort to theorize about crises. If you are a person who spends time researching economic crises or social problems of any kind with the intellect meter, you can measure how much reasoning you have applied to your research.


The static movement tape is perhaps the instrument to measure with which I identified myself the most, since it basically measures the waiting time of someone to obtain government aid, this is the most common thing that can happen in a Latin American country.


The fixed range pocisionator is a two-bullet compass which serves to measure over any map or habitable zone where taxes are violent with citizens, it is cyclical since you can never escape paying taxes.


How we can observe this is a very complete work where no social aspect escapes the measurement through these instruments, a strong and raw way to show the reality of life itself. A corrupt system where the ordinary citizens are the ones who suffer the consequences of the decisions of a few.

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