Where did we lose all this knowledge over time?

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This picture was taken at belur in India, What you are now looking at is the ceiling of the main complex.


It is just 9 ft long and 6ft wide. It is filled with intrinsic artworks depicting instances during the times of God on earth.

2018-02-20 (1).png

This is what I meant by

"Every inch of this rock is a piece of Art"

Every inch of this site is carved out of rock with immense accuracy and precision.

Every corner of this site is carved out of rock with immense accuracy and precision.

The pillars, the walls, the elevation and even the ceiling was hand carved into perfection, with every small detail carved so precisely. Unfortunately the main complex has no lights and one is not supposed to use flash at the inner sanctum, which makes photography work a lot harder.


While most of the idols here are decapitated by invaders and looters the upper part of the structure is less ruined. Since the ceiling was 20 ft above the ground it was very hard for invaders to reach it with swords and hammers so they tried throwing stones but that did not do much damage so they had quit. One can say that the upper side of the sanctum remained less disturbed. Through its time it has majestically withstood over dozens of floods and a major earthquake which nullified the surrounding areas several hundred years ago.


The roof is supported with a total of 48 stone pillars, while the four central pillars have been hand churned, the others had been lathe turned. The lathe marks are pretty evident till date.

Lathe machine works much like clay pot making


But with much much greater speed.


The object takes a very high number of rotations on a fixed axis and a metal tool is used to design the workpiece while it rotates at high speed. Today lathe is used for operations like cutting, sanding, knurling,drilling or deformation, facing and turning with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about an axis of rotation.


Here is where the problem arises! How can you possibly lift and turn a 20 ton rock and spin it at the speed of at least 1000 rpm (rounds per minute) with primitive tools like ropes and chains almost a thousand years ago?


Even today it's a great challenge to spin such a huge object in such high speeds even if they can it will take enormous amount of energy and heavy machinery to do so.

Were gods just influential people with advanced tech?

Our ancestors have used such impossible high-tech tools or advanced mechanisms so long ago and we definitely need to restore their knowledge on art & architecture as the methodology is way ahead of their time. If we had access to their knowledge imagine what wonders we can make today. Let's not let time destroy all of this knowledge our ancestors had.

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India is so rich with culture, I'm always amazed... I love to study different religions and ways of doing things. We lost that knowledge because we lost our connection with land, each other and God. Superficial things are more popular today, unfortunately. We all need to work that out together, turn all this mess around and go deeper than the surface... There is so much more to life than what we can see... I enjoyed reading your post, interesting indeed. See you around, greetings from Croatia...


Very well said! The deeper you dig the more we find, our connections were far more amazing when we all believed in the same. I wish I get to restore that one day and live in a world with nothing but the truth.

Regards @awakeningartist

Maybe we've lost the knowledge in a same moment like the one we're trying ( without knowing) to reach now in this frame in Time ... Soon as a world reaches a high power of technology ... it seems the same pattern is applied to it ... self distruction ... is this a must?

Meanwhile feel free @awakeningartist to read my blog if you feel like ... some interesting point of view inside of which i think we all can find ourselves ...




I hope this time I can stop the world from ending, not gonna wait for doomsday. I really wish everyone looks at the big picture and focus on what matters. That will make my work a lot easier but for a fact we know that it is not that simple, it might be infinitely tough but definitely not impossible. We all as one, need to have at least one common vision, one thing to agree on , one thing to work towards. Until we find that one common purpose, we are bound to self destruct. As I always say, learn from history or bound to repeat it.

It is an amazing work of art but I wonder how we would feel if we actually found out how these structures were made.



I too have my mixed opinions on that, but if you see it as knowledge its something we need, its something which will take our architecture to the next level, Imagine building the biggest monument made of solid rock which will out live us even after our civilizations get wiped out. We are sure to hit doomsday soon, why not make an everlasting monument for someone who comes looking for it.


Im actually going to check out The Sagrada Familia. I will be in spain. I will post some pics when I have time.


Oh thats nice! I shall visit it after its completed, do share some pics nevertheless :)

Wonderful post. The article is just impressive and wow😙😙😙. Brilliant post in general. Nice photography as well. The handicrafts are also good.


thank you so much :)

I must say a very interesting post. Thank you


thanks ! check out my previous posts if you liked this one :)

It was great to know the knowledge you shared about the Art and Science. I want to know more about the Education system of India as it was the very high level of education in oldern days and was the best education system in the world that india had.

it is really fine art.its wonderful..thanks for hadicrft...

They certainly had some interesting tools

Awesome yes very intersting and very real


thank you :)

Its amazing how rich our country is when it comes to ancient history and architecture, I hope i get to see this amazing work through my bare eyes soon :)