Giving old photos new life by converting them to 3D – Cheap 3D glasses required

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I have been interested in creating 3D photos and video for landscape and starscape photos that I have taken over the years. Recently I found a tool in GIMP to create 3D images from any photo, although some photos work better than others. I figured I would share my results with the community and provide a quick tutorial to get your feet wet. I will be using GIMP 2.10 and gmic-qt to create the 3D image from one of my existing photos. I am using a cheap pair of 3D glasses purchased off Amazon for under five bucks for a ten pack to view the results.


Open up gimp 2.10 and from the filters menu click on G'MIC-QT and wait for the image to load in the new window.


Once your are in the filters window you can exspand the Stereoscopic 3D tab and choose 3D Conversion. You have some slider options to adjust different aspects of the image including some presets for daylight, landscapes and other situations.


Here is the original photo before converting to 3D, some may remember I shared this photo in the past but not in 3D.


Finally we have the 3D version of the photo I created in GIMP, keep in mind you need to have 3D glasses on to see the quality of the 3D photo. Without the 3D glasses it looks like a poor quality blurry photo taken by a drunken man after one too many Chang beers in Thailand.

Hope you enjoyed the quick tutorial and give Gimp a try.

P.S. I took the photo when I was in Thailand and no Chang Beer was involved.

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Ah! I can remember this cute little frog from Thailand! I’m glad that you chose this photo to create your 3D version in GIMP. Unfortunately, I don’t have 3D glasses. Anyway, I think that the photo is great, I believe in you!

And at least, I know, you didn’t get drunk after took many Chang beers in Thailand. ;D


Hopefully you can find some 3D Glasses and check it out one day, I appreciate you and all your encouragement. 😉


My pleasure! Will try to find 3D Glasses and check it out… ;)