Sweet gourmet collection, processed shots [ENG-FR]

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Hello Sunday Sweeties !

Today is a gray day where it is cosy to stay at home and do a little sorting in the photos 😉
... and since it is Sunday, I offer you pretty desserts that you will have, I hope, pleasure to savour ...with your eyes only ! 😃

We will start with this beautiful scene as taken from a still life painting 😊
yet it is a photo, captured in a nice coffee shop in Annecy, which no longer exists by the way, and whose vintage decoration made the delight of customers ...

I accentuated the old-fashioned nature of the scene, and I also highlighted the delicious elements of the foreground


Since we are enjoying a snack, here is another scene with a coffee accompanied by a muffin ...


Some cookies now ..? I know a @blacklux who can not resist the word "cookie" ... 😃

cookie, cookie, cookie !


Some others prefer the Oreos.
it's a matter of taste ... 😉


But the most refined will certainly choose a macaroon 😊

green, yellow or pink...they all seem delicious




And the very gourmets will choose among these cupcakes and pastries the most creamy and delicious they can find ...!

Keep quiet, these are only cute tiny bites 😃




And you, what would you choose among all these delights ?

What gourmet moment is your favorite among all these photos?

You can find most of these photos in my FineArtAmerica gallery in the "photography and textures" collection 😋



Hello les amis du Dimanche !

Aujourd'hui est un jour gris où il fait bon rester chez soi et faire un peu de tri dans les photos...et puisque nous sommes dimanche, je vous offre de jolis desserts que vous aurez, je l'espère, plaisir à déguster...avec les yeux ! 😃

Nous allons commencer avec cette jolie scène comme tirée d'un tableau de nature morte 😊
pourtant il s'agit bien d'une photo, prise dans un joli salon de café à Annecy, qui n'existe plus d'ailleurs, et dont la décoration vintage faisait le bonheur de la clientèle...

J'ai accentué le caractère vieillot de la scène, et j'ai également fait ressortir les éléments gourmands du premier plan


Puisque nous en sommes à nous offrir un goûter, voici une autre scène avec un café accompagné d'un muffin...


Quelques cookies à présent ..? Je connais une @blacklux qui ne sait pas résister au mot "cookie"...😃

cookie, cookie, cookie !


Certains autres préfèrent les Oréos.
c'est une question de goût...😉


Mais les plus raffinés prendront certainement un macaron 😊

vert, jaune ou rose ... ils semblent tous délicieux




Et les très gourmands choisiront parmi ces cupcakes et patisseries la plus crêmeuse et délicieuse qu'ils puissent trouver...!😋

rassurez-vous, ce sont de minuscules bouchées 😃




Et vous, que choisiriez-vous parmi tous ces délices ? quel instant gourmand est votre préferé parmi toutes ces photos ?

Vous pouvez retrouver la plupart de ces photos dans ma galerie FineArtAmerica au rayon "photographie et textures" 😋


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And find also my paintings on my website !!


Et retrouvez aussi mes tableaux sur mon site dans notre fabulicieux royaume ! !!




Collect my art on Makersplace.com

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Oh, you surely tempt even the most strick dieter with these delightful treats! A wonderful collection, something for everyone!

I must say that one of the things that makes it absolutely intriguing is the manner in which it is presented, the seductive nature that sends my mind into a fantasy land.

It goes without saying that your photography is simply divine, my friend!

Thank you for such a beautiful Sunday of rich textures and delectable treats!

Bisous! Bisous!

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I'm happy if it put the water to your mouth my lovely friend ! 😃 I remember I had so much pleasure to shot these cakes as if they were top-models, searching for the best angle to highlight them...😉 😃
Thanks a lot for your delicious comment and have a wonderful evening my Denise ! Ooh, and thanks for the tip, and also for the randowhale that made a really nice vote ! This is so kind of you and be sure it is much appreciated my dear ....bisous bisous mon amie

Mmm... food porn 😍

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oh, I forgot to choose my fave:

this, and this. let me pick up two 8-)

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Muchas gracias ! 😊

Great use of image filters to repurpose previously shared work.


Thank you ^_^ What do you mean with to repurpose previously shared work..?

wow, such a cute procession! sadly it came to me not in the morning but after i've already cleaned my teeth and going to bed. so teasing !!!!!!!!


Haha ! Fortunately you didn't wash your eyes from the pictures and will savour them in your dreams ! 😃

hdx05t.pngThanks for your funny comment @qwerrie ^_^


o, thats a good idea!
well, i just finished filling my sublimesunday post with an oldcemetary pics I shoot today. let me soak your cookies again, and, I promise not to wash my eyes after that. deal!

your comment made my smile very widely, I am still doing it. extra thank you!


Haha I was precisely hunting your post, and I have to confess, I would never go in this cemetery at night ! 😃

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You're welcome. You said the photo at the beginning was an older shot from a now closed café. I presumed you would have shared the raw photo when it was new.


ooh ok, now I understand ! 😉
in fact I have never shared the original photos, neither these shots, nor any others as I always processed them, in a way or another, before sharing ...it's true that they are from some years ago, but I only uploaded the transformed version in my gallery, because I shot with my mobile, I'm not a photographer, the interest of my shots are more in the (post) atmosphere I manage to give, and the raw version is not of interest enough in itself ;-)

Macaroons please! These photos and edits are beyond delicious! I retweeted this with the #posh tag. I'm not clear what else I need to do. @acidyo @ocd



I'm not sure either of what to do with #posh , I think you did well my dear Melinda 😉
I keep some macaroons for you 😋



I did a few posh tweets but have not had any reactions from @ocd so I'm not sure that I did them correctly.


I did some also and had no reactions too ...wait and see...

VERY tempting delights @barbara-orenya and your photography work and rendering is just so beautiful.


I'm happy you have enjoyed them my dear 😉
1ynpw5.png and have a beautiful day @trudeehunter !

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Merci cher ami ^_^