Back to it then! Water Droplet Photography...

11개월 전

Over the last few months I have had lots of things happening, but one of the main things is I have been learning more about photography.

For Christmas I was so happy to receive a splash photography kit! If you don't know what this is, it is basically a contraption that lets water droplets fall at specific times that you set and you can make droplets crash together to produce some pretty epic shapes.

This, combined with different colours, lends itself to a fun art/photography project.

I have had a little play with it and here are my first attempts with the splash kit...





This really is a LOT of fun! I have only had a teeny play so far, but I am excited to see what it can do with more droplets and bigger or smaller droplets.

In my next post, I will show you the setup and explain how to achieve the results!

I hope you enjoyed the images!

Much love,

Cheryl and the Bulldogs xx

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They look like water mushrooms ;) Tip for you.. use these other tags for photography.

#photo #creativecoin

.. and these tags for ALL your posts.. they are generic ones.

#palnet #neoxian #marlians.


Thank you, I will change them! :D See this is one of the hardest things about being away so long, I haven't a clue about who is active and who isn't lol


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Arent you glad to be back? ;)


OMG my head hurts! hahaha

Never heard of a splash photography kit.

Impressive results.


Thank you! I love it. The first time I ever saw splash photography, I was captivated by it. There are some amazing images out there and every water drop is different so no 2 images can ever be exactly the same :D

Great photos! Welcome back!


Thank you so much! It is good to be back :D

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That mushroom ones are ridiculously cool XD Though I have to say my favourite is the second last one, that falling drop just adds a level of epic to it.

Pretty sweet progress you've made on the photo front. What brings you back around these parts?

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Hi hun! I have just decided that i need to get back into crypto as I have been mia since May 2019 due to various home life 'stuff' lol I hope you are well! :D

Wow! these are beautiful! And welcome back

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thank you so much! Its good to be back, although I feel like I have forgotten everything haha I hope you are well :)


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Awww thank you so much Helpie! It is so nice to get cake and a warm welcome back :D

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Thank you so much guys! :D

These are awesome! Where did you get the splash kit from? I need to get something like that. I have been wanting to get into this stuff for a while now.


Thank you! :D It was from Amazon I think, although it was a gift so I am not exactly 100% sure. There are a few different kits, but I have the MIOPS set which is really simple to use. The app is so straightforward to control droplet size and frequency. It is a great starting point. I hope you are well!

yeah you are back, so glad to see you on here. These shots are so cool, hope you are doing well my friend, welcome back xxxxx

whoa. that's pretty cool! love the lighting too. hope you are well.

I would love to see the next blog and get the name of the kit I love the effects and try out new things !

I just bought a lensball and I am going to it out in the snow , I will watch out for the new blog