Male Portrait Competition

2년 전

I narrowly missed out on submitting my entry for last week's 'female portrait' competition, so I am making sure I am on time this week! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Congratulations to last week's winners @hetty-rowan, @bemsa & @keithboone. Awesome shots as always!

Without further ado, here is my entry to the weekly Whaleshares Official Photo challenge, kindly hosted by @boyerobert.

You can find the contest here if you wish to take part:

Good luck to all the entrants! :heart:

You can click the link for the full screen version

DSC_0373 sm.jpg

55mm / 1/200s / F5.6 / ISO 220

This is my handsome son, who is not impressed at having to have his picture taken, but allowed me to do it all the same.

The image was taken with my Nikon D5300 using my 18-55mm kit lens.

Thank you for looking!

Much love, Cheryl :heart:

BTS address: bb-bulldogs

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A handsome young man indeed.

I'm guessing I'd have not been so compliant with my mom at that age. She'd have probably been better suited to pick one of my (younger) brothers :)

Thanks for showing us your portrait!


haha yea, he is not the best at letting me take his picture, that is true!
Thanks Big T!

A great shot of your handsome boy and good that he let you take the shot of him, i am terrible for hating being in front of the camera and probably would never have agreed

Good luck in the contest


Thank you JJ! I am the same, I hate being in front of the camera.


Most welcome and have a great evening

Man that picture can say so much! You captured so much more than just his mood. Beautiful picture and a beautiful boy! Hugs from afar ^_^

Beautiful picture!


This is taken by a proud mum I know


:) Absolutely! <3

Awwww how nice! Love that b&w! I wish you well in the contest!!!


Thank you sweet! :D

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He is indeed handsome @beautifulbullies! Although I do detect a bit of displeasure on his face. :) Oh those teen years....luckily they don't last forever! Great shots!


haha yes, got to love a stroppy teen! xD thank you :)

His displeasure with you capturing his youthfulness was key to getting this awesome portrait. Some of the best portraits are derived when the participants are a little (how shall I say it) emotional. Emotion is hard to capture until the moment is right. Here the moment was awesomely right!! Kudos to you!


thank you so much! high praise indeed!

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Great photo @beautifulbullies ! I took one today of my partner, @hanedane, but see now that the contest is on Whaleshares. I don't have an account there. Do you log in with your Steemit posting key? I don't see steemconnect on there. #feelingignorant


The contest is on steemit too ... @boyerobert has a steemit account too. You can enter through steemit.

Here the link to his steemit post. Today is the last day to enter. And it's a great entry if you do enter.


That is an awesome shot! no, whaleshares is a completely separate platform although there are many similarities to steemit as I believe it was built using steemit as a base? not sure on the technical speak lol

Great composition..

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He is a handsome young man! I think most of them at that age don't like posing for pictures.. I feel your pain! Glad you got that one!

Love the framing :) It makes it looks like a still from a black and white movie <3 It's very heart-warming how your son's cooperating because I can relate so well XD I always tried to get my male friends to cooperate with me but most of them hate having their 'nice' portraits done, they don't mind doing the 'FUNNY' faces though, but if i say, hey, please lets do a nice one for memories! they'd be like jhdskjsdhgfkdjghdfgfdgghhhhhhhhhokaaaaaaayiguess

:D good luck with the competition !

I have only seen a few of your portraits, however, @beautifulbullies this is one of my favorites so far. He is almost stepping out of the frame and the look of determination on his face. Beautiful framing.

Good portrait of boyhood. I am sure he will be happy about the picture. Someday, if not today.

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I am loving the contests the #powerhousecreatives group all enter. I learn some neat stuff and enter some of them myself for awesome easy rewards.

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Yes, there are lots out there! give them a go for sure! :D