Single Colour Portrait...

2년 전

I am not sure if I missed the boat with this entry, but here is my entry to the Weekly Whaleshares Photo Contest kindly hosted by @boyerobert, which you can find the details of here:

The theme this week is "Single Colour"


This images is my own taken with my Nikon D5300, using my 90mm Macro lens.

I hope you like the image!

Much love, Cheryl :heart:

BTS address: bb-bulldogs

Btw, If you still haven’t signed up to the DrugWars game, you can join here for free:!/ref/@beautifulbullies

A huge thank you to @zord189 for my bouncing bullies signature!


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Nice selective color use!
Well done!

Nice! I love these shots... although, I'm not able to do them myself, the good old Google Assistant sends me a few of these automatically processed from my photos!


Haha I need to get me a google assistant! I had to do this the old fashioned way with Photoshop lol
Thank you hun :)

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Such a cool idea for a contest, and I love your entry, @beautifulbullies! I've never played with doing a single color in my photos yet, and I'm wicked impressed by how awesome yours turned out. Best of luck in the contest!


Thank you traci! :D

Looks like you may be taking this photography pretty seriously. Is Cheryl Imagines your studio? Did I miss something?

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haha who knows? Maybe one day! :D But for now, I am still a noob learning the ropes lol Someone said to me a while back that I ought to include a watermark on my images, so I came up with 'Cheryl Imagines...' I thought it covered me for photography and also any other abstract art/photography I come up with in the future. Still so much to learn and I am excited for spring as I have a new toy to play with, an 8 x magnifier to go on top of my already magnified macro lens! :D


Got any cool ideas for iddy biddies? Maybe an insect wing series or grains of sand series? Just thoughts. I like the name tho🤗😘🤗

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Well living in the woods, we get loads of creepy crawlies haha but I also want to look at larger critters... I have a few ideas ;)


Cuddly noses! Like from a deer, a bunny, ya know, nice herbivores that won't try to eat you while you're out in the woods LOL! IDK, I wouldn't mind playing around with a camera like that. Bet you're gonna have a ball!

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Haha noses! That is a FANTSTIC idea! :D I can start with bullie noses, then move on to german shepherds then work my way up to tigers! :D

lovely girl and photo.. who is she?


She is my neighbours daughter :) She was a brilliant model and paid in chocolates for her modelling duties lol


great job and a very beautiful woman


Il model for you in exchange for a walnut whip!

That is a real nice selective color edit, Love it good luck in the contest

This is so very fabulous! Beautiful girl, fabulous shot, great use of desaturation, and I love her pink gloves! Bravo for this lovely photo! 💖

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That is for sure one beautiful capture. Amazing job. I wish you luck in the competition and hope you win. :)

Have an amazing day. :)

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Great picture!

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Beautiful shot!! I love these type of photos. Sometimes they can be a pain to create (as far as only getting the color you want to show) but in the end it’s all worth it! I hope you placed in the contest!

This photo looks so lovely and elegant, I love it when pink stands out. Good job and good luck in the contest!

that's really sweet! The pink gives a nice touch to the black and white :)

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OMG she is really really beautiful and cute. My first impuls was to give here a hug! Good shot!

How did you achieve it to color just the gloves???? (I am asking because I am beginner with GIMP)