Poem Of The Day

2년 전

Written by me, a few months ago.


Photography & Edit also taken/done by myself.

It’s called: Addicting

“It’s okay, I know. I’m addicting.
The way you hear my name it rings.
The memories you have of me.
When you think of them they set you free.
When something happens and it reminds you, of the you that you used to be.
It’s okay that you’ve changed.
Because so have I.
But the memories you have of me,
Well they’re real. That’s still me because that was once me.
I hope people with memories of me, think of them and smile, crave it again.
Not because I’m something or someone special, but because the time you had with me was special, the memories you made with me are special.
They’ve helped you become who you are now.
And because of that I know,
I’m addicting.
Because when I think of you,
I smile too.”

I’ve enjoyed writing all my life, from poems to short stories. I even liked writing essays in school just because I like to write haha!

I hope you enjoyed my poem, I’ll try to be better at posting regularly, so tune in for more of my stuff!!

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woooow between the poem and the edition of the photograph caught me


Thank you!!