Our new Pet!

2년 전

We took her from her mother. There were 7 pups. We thought she will not mingle with us. At least we thought it will take around 2 days. Initially she was hesitant but after giving milk she is happy and she is so sweet. Now her attitude is something like 'You see I am sad you took me from my mother. But I will not miss my chance to enjoy this delecious milk' ☺. Hope she will play with us soon.

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The Mayans and Aztecs symbolized every tenth day with the dog, and those born under this sign were believed to have outstanding leadership skills.

Oh!!! Ummmmaa😘😘😘😘 so cute...puppies. but living without their mother is so sad. Please take care them. Follow me because I want to see these cute babies pics through you again in your upcoming post.