My photography Sesame flowering 芝麻开花节节高

3년 전

Now is autumn, the temperature is very appropriate, many of the fruits of crops are beginning to slowly mature,Sesame and sorghum are not much here,But people like to grow,not used for sale,At the festivals, people use sesame and sorghum to make delicious food,Sesame floral attracts a lot of bees.

Hope you like!
现在是秋天,气温很适宜,很多农作物的果实都开始慢慢成熟了,走在乡间的小路上空气里到处弥漫着花和果实的香气,很是惬意的,进入成熟期的芝麻,开花一次,就拔高一节, 高梁还未成熟,在江南人们种植高梁,并不是作为主食,在冬季,人们用高梁粉做成高梁粑, 所有的照片用Iphone拍摄

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Nice shots, lovely plant flowering :)

Sesame plant is very useful..seeds are used in making delicacies and it's oil is use for hair massaging.

It is a beautiful plant and the sesame or sesame is delicious, very versatile. Thanks @birds90 for showing us your photos.


Thank you too!

@birds90 I've recognized that when it appears to be like terrible, just stepping absent for your moment would make all the primary difference on the earth.
Pleasant article. Hardwork pays additional so retain Performing really hard! Upvoted.

Nice shot :)

this is the first time i saw Sesame trees and flowers..
great photos

@birds90 This is actually some incredible function!.

Good shot....
Great picture...

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Lots of flowers in your posts!