World Cat Day

2년 전

Today is the World Cat Day (celebrated mainly in Europe; The International Cat day is celebrated on 8th August)

Are you celebrating?


Hero of the day - Gałgan the cat.

Shot by @blockchain-kid with: 6D I f2.8 1/250 ISO 100

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Unless you have to much $$$ to Burn !


Dear @bullionstackers,
I think I know how to use them, unless you know some black magic which I am not aware of.
Please explain...

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You must able to do some calculation on ROI.
The Bots are running 24/7 ; Bidding more than The Pot = Worthless.
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Knowing is one think , understanding the concept is another thing.
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Cats are beautiful and discipline pets worth celebrated, thanks for sharing.

We have several cats here in our house and the amazing thing about them is they never touch anything (especially food) without permission.
Isn't that amazing?
Anyway, happy cat's day! :)


Thanks for jumping in @unohr ! And indeed, this is amazing!

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Cute kitty.

Thanks for share.

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There's a world cat day, and an international cat day?


Well yes, this is what I have read on Wikipedia :)

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El ronroneo es un sonido característico hecho por todas las especies de felinos y es parte de su sistema de comunicación. En gatos domésticos el ronroneo tiene una frecuencia entre 25 y 150 vibraciones por segundo. Este particular sonido indica confianza, felicidad o bienestar y se produce cuando se sienten seguros y protegidos. No se sabe con certeza de dónde proviene este sonido que más bien constituye una vibración. Se le han atribuido distintos lugares, sin llegar a localizarlo con exactitud.

Diversos estudios de los últimos años ponen de manifiesto que efectivamente, el ronroneo del gato tiene muchos beneficios para nosotros, y actúa en las personas en distintos planos, tanto físicos, como emocionales y afectivos. Estos estudios han demostrado que las personas que conviven con gatos tienen menos visitas anuales al doctor, tienen menos problemas para conciliar el sueño, y además tienen menos probabilidades de tomar medicación para el corazón.


Thanks @eudonova for sharing this information with us. I will let myself to paste here the Google translation I have found:
The purr is a characteristic sound made by all feline species and is part of its communication system. In domestic cats the purr has a frequency between 25 and 150 vibrations per second. This particular sound indicates confidence, happiness or well-being and occurs when they feel safe and protected. It is not known with certainty where this sound comes from, which rather constitutes a vibration. Different places have been attributed to it, without exactly locating it.

Several studies of recent years show that, indeed, the purring of the cat has many benefits for us, and acts on people in different planes, both physical, emotional and affective. These studies have shown that people who live with cats have fewer annual visits to the doctor, have fewer problems falling asleep, and are also less likely to take heart medication.

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Already have it - thanks ;)