Americas Treasures: The Monument Valley

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One of the most amazing places on earth, bar none.

In 2014 I traveled across the USA first by train (westbound) and then by pick-up truck (eastbound). I have shared a lot of those pictures in my posts, but have never dedicated a single post to any of them. These shots were all taken in the Monument Valley in Arizona. I stayed on the local Navajo reservation for the night (best lodging bargain in America) and got up early to get to Oklahoma City. It was pre-dawn and I was not quite awake. But I had my camera on the passenger seat and just shot things that caught my eye. A lot of these are shots where I pointed my camera out of the window and just took a series of pictures. They are not pro quality, but the scenery is so spectacular it does not matter. So the lighting stinks, the photographer stinks, and the pictures are awesome. BTW, for those not in the know, a lot of westerns were filmed in the Monument Valley, so some of this may look familiar.

Look at that scenery

My lodgings the previous evening, I think I paid less than $100 to be in the shadow of greatness

Nothing like photography at 70mph

Sun is starting to come up

Sun peaking up over the mountain

Still impresses me

Peace, love, and rock and roll,


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Hello! I am Mike K. I am an educator, lifelong student, military vet and wannabe musician. I have a love of history, economics, philosophy and motorcycles. I am quickly moving from minarchy to Christian anarchy philosophically and want people to stop meddling. My debut CD should be out soon!

Riding in Tennessee with my son on the Green Eyed Snake

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Thank you very much!

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Awesome shots, nice to see what a beautiful country that is!


I have been blessed and been able to see some really pretty places all over the earth. Thank you.

We've spent a fair amount of time up there. It's really an amazing rugged beauty, with some incredible hidden gems. Thanks for sharing.


I love the SW, I have some pictures of the Mojave to share another day. Thank you for looking.

Amazing shots!


Thank you, like you I love outdoor photography.

What a beautiful place. Nice shots! :)


I love the desert, I know there are people who are not crazy about it. Thanks.

Dude, I just saw this post right now. This just happened to me yesterday with @Boxcarblue with a post about japan. Anyways, I just posted about the same location as you. Slightly different area but similar. I really need to read everyone's posts before adding mine. I guess great minds think alike. : ) Nice post and I like the pictures, don't cut yourself short. The 5th image is lovely. Have a nice weekend.


It is an awesome place and people need to see it. Thanks a lot.