Americas Treasures: The Grand Canyon Part II

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The Grand Canyon is a place that should be on everyone's bucket list. I ended up there in February 2014 on my way back to the east coast driving a Nissan Quest pickup truck with a U Haul trailer behind it. My son, his wife and daughter were in a sedan heading across country via the same route. I am the kind of driver who gets in the car and only stops for gasoline. Well that is not a good way to travel with a little one. Eventually I would part ways with them and travel at my own pace. But before that happened, we stopped and reveled in beauty. That evening we were in the Monument Valley. An hour before getting to the Grand Canyon we were in 80 degree weather and the air conditioning was running. We got to the canyon and it was cold and snow started to fall. I vividly remember heading out as giant flakes were falling. What a crazy experience, but it proves that elevation matters. Anyway, enjoy these please, the first series are here.

If I had Photoshop skills this would be the one to play with

Love that hint of the river in the background

The first shot is slightly to the right of this one

Can you tell I was taken with this perspective?

Love the reds

Old habits die hard, I always want to turn the camera sideways

Wish I could swing by and check it out today. Hope you all enjoyed these, those are my best shots from the Grand Canyon.


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Hello! I am Mike K. I am an educator, lifelong student, military vet and wannabe musician. I have a love of history, economics, philosophy and motorcycles. I am quickly moving from minarchy to Christian anarchy philosophically and want people to stop meddling. My debut CD should be out soon!

Riding in Tennessee with my son on the Green Eyed Snake

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you have a new follower - Steem ON!

Wonderfully captivating photos of the Grand Canyon. Thank you very much for sharing those with us all. I have been there a few times and even climb up some dangerous cliffs but the scariest part was when the wind blew strong gusts, you definitely didn't want to lose balance then while trying to capture some great shots from high above. Upvoted


Thank you. I needed to get out of the national part and to some other sections, but time would not allow for it.


You're very welcome. Maybe next time you will have that opportunity. Best of luck to your future adventures.

Thanks for the memories. I was there several years ago and had no digital photos then. Yes, it was that long ago.


I have many memories I wish I had pictures for, I get it!

They are beautiful.


So many wonderful and beautiful places on earth, I want to see them all. :)

It is such an impressive place, your photos highlight this well! I went there when I was very young, before I knew to appreciate such wonderment. I hope I can go back sometime soon. Great shots! :)


I was very young the first time I saw it and do not feel I was able to appreciate it. You do need to go back. There is nothing for miles around and it is worth it.

nice pictures :-)


Thank you.

Awesome, great work @bmwrider. Really nice.


Thank you! Means a lot coming from a photographer of your caliber.


Your first image makes me feel like I was there. Very nice.

I would have to agree with you, the Grand Canyon is a beautiful place to marvel at in person. I visited there in 2015 and yet a beautiful sunny day it was only 20 degrees. Words will never explain what you see, but pictures only help you remember as time goes by but the experience will be with you for a lifetime. I have lost my pictures on a disk that were accidently erased so seeing yours refreshes my memory, Thanks for sharing.


Dang, I am glad I still have these. I did have to remind myself to shut my mouth. :)