Beware, I'm not DUMB - Day 34 of 100 Days;100 Photos Challenge:My LIAG Journey

3년 전

Day 34: I always pretend that I'm oblivious though I'm keen to what's happening around me....


Multiple Exposure Picture shot by me using my Instant Camera

I always act or pretend that I'm not aware or I'm oblivious to things that are happening around me but truth be told, I'm always observing. I guess that's one of my characteristics as a person. I'm not really sure what it translates to but I often pretend I'm clueless even though I know the whole story. Maybe it's just me being cautious with those around me. I'm a really guarded person and I don't really open up truly to someone if I'm not that close to him/her.

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I know you're smart like that!

We don't really have to tell everything to anyone even they're close to us. Sometimes, people pretend that they really care but they don't. :/

It’s not a bad thing to have that character of you. Being cautious is sometimes a good thing because it lets you be careful on what you’re currently going through. 👍🏼