Funny Qoute of the Day - Day 32 of 100 Days;100 Photos Challenge:My LIAG Journey

3년 전

Day 32: "Chill, homie. You need to let that shit go." - Buddha


Picture shot by me using my Instant Camera

Sometimes we occupy ourselves with problems and baggages that are pointless. We argue on things we already know is a lost cause. Sometimes, letting go of these things are better than just holding on to them. You can compare your self to a balloon tied to arock. The balloon won't fly freely into the air if it remains tied to the rock that holds it down. You are the balloon and unlike the balloon, you have the power to untie yourself from the rock which is your problems and baggages. It's better to fly and feel free rather than get tied to problems that doesn't have any solutions. Fly free Steemians! :D

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Such an inspiring post! I love how you compared a life to a balloon. We must indeed untie ourselves in all the problems we encounter in our lives.. :)

Break is what we need sometimes. Try to loosen some things that makes our life more difficult. Thanks for the reminder besh!

Nakakatuwa yung mga ganitong posts mo, philosophical and motivational. Hope to read more posts like this from you.

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