Vienna - Travel_Series_v3

4년 전

Vienna is one of the livable cities in the world... Isn't it?

I decided to post a Travel Series each day... Vienna (or Wien) is the third city I post.. Here are some shots when I visited Vienna. It's very exciting and delightful for who has a good taste in visual.

Street View:

Hundertwasser House:

A Nice Dome:

Wien Schnitzel:

One of the Best Museum Buildings- Mumok:

Hope u like it...
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Amazing city. I always underestimated Vienna, but when I went I fell in love with the city. It has this special vibe, the people are really friendly and of course..Schloss Schönbrunn, which is just so absolutely beautiful. Great pictures 😊


Thank you! @blockbaer, it was a great experience for me as well. I found it a bit crowded sometimes(maybe due to the time period I visit) but anyways I loved it! Thanks for your nice comment :)


Yes, I agree. When I was was there it was also pretty crowded. I like to stroll through like small side streets a little away from the main tourist attractions when I am in a city. It's less crowded there :)