Beauty summer flowers

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When you look to this amazing picture of the tree, do you like it?Of course you do.

It is very beautiful, is n't it? You can find this color of the tree only in autumn in a country has fours season.

Last summer, I took this picture with my mobile phone in a small park close to my house.

When we see leaves of the tree turned to yellow or red, it means a warning that the winter is coming.


What would you prefer? Winter or Summer?


Would you like to have a lot of flowers in your garden? Which one would you prefer?



I think women like to grow flower in the garden more than guy. I want to have flowered in my garden and also some herb.

Last summer I took all this pictures in my garden behind my house.



I do not know all the name of these flowers.

I want to grow them again in the coming summer and I hope to find the seeds of these type flowers in the flower store.



If you know the name of these flower, please give me a comment. I would be very happy.

Thank you readers and supporters !

Have a great coming summer !

Greeting from @chanthasam

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Amazing work , nice team of followers

Good post , I enjoyed reading it.



Thanks @flysky and I am very happy with your compliment. I saw your content, there are incredible. You are always make an amazing content. Happy to have a good connect with you.

Beautiful flower @chanthasam
I like it...
Thank for sharing...


Thanks bro.

Beautiful post

Beautiful flowers @chanthasam.
I live in a country with 4 seasons and enjoy the changing of the colours.


Thanks @redheadpei. I love the different colour of the 4 seaons too.

Beautiful flowers of different colors. Beautifies the home and makes it pleasant.

Nice bro, Beautiful flower @chanthasam


Thanks bro !

Hermosas fotografías hacen un lindo contraste me encanto amigo, siempre apoyándote saludos


Me alegra que me apoyes. Muchas gracias

beautiful flowers @chanthasam, in indonesia flowers bloom and grow well only in rainy season or cool area. different from your area @chanthasam, i really like the flowers you plant, the color is so tempting. good luck always for you.


Thank you for a sweet compliment, It is true women love flower. Yes I hope, I can find the seeds of the those type of flower again in the coming summer. Have a wonderful day.

Beautiful brother @chanthasam. You are prefesional 😁👍👍👍👍,


Haha, thanks my dear friend @bustanum. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Hi bro ! Very beautiful favor is red :)) Thanks so much...


Thanks bro !

Wow your post is very good sir..
You get much and big upvote in steemit. Can you teach me how the trick sir?

Please help the minnow...!


Haha, I do not know, how to tell you. I just power up and vote to many people.

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Beautiful brother. Thanks for share it. @chanthasam

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You are most welcome always @chanthasam

Stunningly.. Beautiful flowers, by the way you're already a photographer my buddy 📷👏


Haha, thanks for a good compliment bro. I just try to be😀😀


you do it very well Buddy

beautiful, very nice your post

Good evening dear friend.
I don't know like you the name of these beautiful flowers. Their beauty and thier professional capture impress me. I wish you a good night and a sweet dream dear @chanthasam


Thannks my dear friend @mimbel. I made this post via a webpress, the capture of the picture is great, but when I add to steemit, then the capture is not so good man. Have a nice dream bro.

Postingan yang indah dan menakjubkan, sangat menginspirasi saya, terimakasih bg

I like the macro photos, by following you I will see more amazing photos. greetings from @ dodiaceh2


Thanks, @doddiaceh2 for supporting me and for come a long my post. Have a great day.

Beautiful colours for good memories...

Wish i could get some of those in my garden.
Thanks @chanthasam for sharing.


Thanks@beebson for your support. There are beautiful flower around the world.

Flowers are 1. Nasturtium 2.Not sure 3. Petunia 4. Nasturtium. I do like summer best!


Thanks @melinda010100, I am sure you love flower. I miss the summer, here is very cold -12. How about over there? Is it very cold too?

Really beautiful

beautiful, Iike your post.


Thanks @rianpirlo for your supporting

good flowers picture :)


Thanks @shinrip for the compliment.

Lovely flowers, i like your post


Thanks @emekasegun that you like my post. Please come a long more often. I will go a long to you post too, after you come a long. Together we grow.

nice post


Thanks my brother.

beautiful a post


Thanks bro

If you see some of the nature, then the mind is filled. In fact, they will last forever


You are right bro ! We sould never forget the nature.


Yes, I agree bro. We sould never forget the nature.

Bonito post amigo,saludos

It really looks good plant you post


Thanks buddy !


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of course, it's a pride for me to get to know a great person like you @chanthasam

thank you for follows me. I feel so happy.

I can learn from your quality posts.

nice to know you @chanthasam


Thanks bro, good to see you here.

Nice photos my friend !

This flowers are so beauty my friend, thanks for Share ❤️❤️❤️❤️ a Big hug 😊😚


Thanks for a nice compliment @carlagonz

flowers put colors in our dull moment. Flowers shows that beauty is still present in us. I envy you that there are plenty of beautiful flowers near you.

Nice photo you got there, I love seeing those beauties.


Thanks @davinsh for a nice compliment.

Nice post,
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Thanks, I just did it dude.

Good photo

Awesome photo collection.....

Amazing shots... I love flowers.