a trip to the beach.

3년 전


last friday me, my grandad, my brother, my sister, my sister's friend, and my dad went to florida. it was really fun. the only thing that i didn't like was that i got a blister from my shoe so it was kinda painful to get into the ocean lol. then i cut my other toe on the pool. i had bandaids though so i was okay.


this is a picture i took when we went on the pier. it was kind of scary because we were above the ocean and it was dark. it was really pretty though.


i took this picture of the beach while at the pool.


this is another picture i took while on the pier.

i took a lot of pictures because everything was so pretty and it was hard not to haha. we left on monday and i was kinda sad but we're going back in a couple of weeks, so.

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Your pictures of Florida are really nice,
especially the photo of the beach.

Thanks for sharing your photos!


thank you and you're welcome! :)

Cool, Im from here, I recommend the Oleta state river park in Sunny Isles, lots of adventure and fun

Nice photos!
Followed you and left an up vote. ;)


thanks! :D