I am a ShotMod on Whatsaround (Earn ETH by Sharing Photos)


A few months ago I told you about Whatsaround app. You can earn money from your snap photos on Whatsaround. I shared a topic about I Earned 2 ETH and Reached 17K Friend in Whatsaround

After sharing a topic about Whatsaround, A few friends from Steemit has signed up to the application and actively sharing photos. I am a shotmod on Whatsaround app now. I check profiles and photos on app.


Application has grown over the months and I have been a shot mod in app. Photography is my hobby that earning money from hobby is the best activity for me. I have more than 5400 shotcoin on app wallet now that I can buy ETH and some gifts.


Here is also one of most earned photo of me on the app.


If you like photography, You should join this app and share your photos and give votes for other photos.

Be sure that If you share good quality photos, you can get more likes.

Reference Link: https://www.whatsaround.com/signup/R5aVX

It is getting more popular day by day. I think you should take a look.

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