Journey to Paradisios 🌷Through-the-Window Shots from the 2019 NYC Macy's Flower Show


Some images of the store-front window scenes from the 2019 Macy's Flower Show which were quickly taken while hurrying along 34th Street towards Penn Station and trying not to miss the 8:14PM train back to NJ.

Excerpt from What is the theme for the Macy’s Flower Show?

New Yorkers and out-of-towners alike flock to this floral-filled exhibition, where jaw-dropping arrangements decorated to fit a specific theme are on display for two weeks. The subject for 2019's installment at the megachain’s Herald Square location is Journey to Paradisios. Translation? It's a cosmic dream offering revelers an out-of-this-world representation of outer space. Flower arrangements are designed to show off the "mystery of the cosmos," so check out the nods to the stars, planets, rockets, aliens (of course) and more astrological wonders.

All images @cognoscere and taken on Saturday March 30th, 2019 at Macy's in NYC (Sony DSC RX100M5)

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Enjoyed the post some very incredible looking shots : )

Quite lavish !!! Hey its good to see you posting again!!

  ·  작년

Very wonderful and colorful “Flower Show”! It would be exciting moment if I see them by my own eyes. Oh! I like them all. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)