You're Not the Boss of Me!


Saw this on a NJ state run highway headed down to the Jersey Shore yesterday.

It appears that someone sitting at a keyboard somewhere typing in these pointed messages on the dynamic message signs has a bit of an authority complex 😠

Image @cognoscere and taken on Sunday April 14th on a highway in New Jersey (Apple iPhone 7 Plus)

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My oh my, what fun it would be to tap into THAT keyboard and make your own highway signs. The humor advantages would be endless. Then again, getting thrown into the hoosgow in NJ would be less than fun. So maybe I shall refrain. Like I could hack anything anyway. Closest I get to that is local kitty hairballs...


Haha, yeah, it's only a matter of time before one of those messages drops the F-bomb ;-)

Like when I had a German waitress telling me in an authoritarian voice to enjoy my meal. :-)

Wow dude may be just a bit of a jerk!