MonochromeMonday - Decorative Skull in Santa Fe

4년 전

I usually don't like photos that I take of other peoples' art because I end up wondering if it is a good picture as a result of my photography skills or of the artist's skills.

This picture I really like though, for both the artist's abilities and mine. The lighting and shadows look good, and I like the horn breaking the divide between the textured and non-textured parts of the wall.

Camera stuff:
Olympus E-520 w/ Zuikio Digital ED 14-42 mm lens.
f/5.6 aperture, 1/50 exposure, 400 ISO


But is it better in color?


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I like both but i think the colour version is better. Maybe by increasing the shadows on the black and white to give a little more depth and feel to it. Nice shot though thanks for sharing.