Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia -Ripple Jade

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The Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia is a single stemmed, low succulent shrub which has many stout branches with green foliage. It is native to South Africa, a hardy plant and can reach a height of up to 1 meters.


The flowers are star shape in either pink or white. During the summer months, this plant is covered with showy flowers in dense branches. The flowers turn brown after pollination.


It has elliptic and undulate thick green waxy leaves. The margin of the leaves has a reddish rim. This shrub can be shaped to give a bonsai look.


They are easy to grow, thrive in warm weather, prefer full sun or light shade with well-drained soil in rocky condition. Only water this plant when it is dry as it needs very little water. They need to be protected against frost.


The first two photos were taken on a shady day and the last two on a sunny day, early in the morning.

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hello dear @crazymumzysa, wonderfull piece of photography you have done and share with us a hardy plant in south africa named " Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia" i am very pleased to knowing in detail from your post. nice job you have done. my support to you.

Wonderful article on the Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia. It looks like a hardy plant that could survive in Hawaii. The flowers are amazing. Thank-you for the wonderful pictures and article. Have a great Sunday!


Thank you dear cabbagepatch. They seem to do quite well in our tropical regions so I cannot see why they will no do so in Hawaii. Have a fabulous week and keep smiling!!

Unlike its name, the shrub looks beautiful. After sitting in front of my laptop for the past 3 hours in a row to write an article, this post made me feel refreshed. Nature is a blessing. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work @crazymumzysa. STEEM ON!


such comment is what we need in steemit... keep it up and steem on bro...success ;)


Thanks. Steem on.


Welcome @ugetfunded
What area do you blog on?


Thank you very much for your kind words ugethfunded. It is always nice to know other people also appreciate the things you love.


We all are a family, Steemit Family in a more appropriate way. You're serving the community and this is commendable.

The leaves of this plant looks rather interesting.


They are, leathery and smooth and the red trim with the dots on the inside makes them quite unique.


Yes, I thought they are quite unique too.

Aah! I was thinking, "those are intetesting looking flowers" and then I realised, I have those in my garden!
Now I know their name too!


Good to see a familiar face on here. Hope your lovely wife and precious children are all doing well. Send my love to them, please. Hope you will enjoy the steemit community.


Thanks! I am enjoying the community vibe already. They are doing very well and I will send my love... and to you. 😊

very nice work... @crazymumzysa the flower photo is beautiful.. keep t up

Interesting plants, we have none. Thank you for the information.

Love the picture take i also love to take picture of nature and flower


I hope you will enjoy sharing it with us here on steemit. Good luck!

my soul seemed to be in the wild to look at him even though currently in front of the computer, your photography is beautiful


Love your words, thank you rizal!

Good job
I like it ...plz vests send SBD ,steem n follow me @mudatnad
Thks u
Good luck today

I have Crassula Ovata at home. I like the leaves of such plants


nice one do you nurture your plants at home... especially during winter ...


Thank you for your reply semptly. They are quite easy to take care of and yes their waxy leaves are nice.

You are one Talented people
It is understood by looking at your post.
Thanks for your great post.


Thank you very much for your kind words adviser. I write about the things I love, one can only try.

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Great captures, Beautiful work. Does those flowers are a kind of succulent?


Yes, they are dbeauhaire. Thank you for popping in.

Great post. I'm new here

Beautiful flower. Hope it smells nice too too... Please upvote

It's a very pretty plant and the flowers are beautiful - thank you for sharing, @crazymumzysa 🌻

@crazymumzysa Great submit. Hardwork pays a lot more so preserve Functioning tough!.

The plant seems vaguely familiar to me. I think we had it in our garden in Springs, Transvaal, when I was in primary school. Where do you think I might find a shrub like this?


Lifestyle and the nursery at the Botanical gardens often have these for sale, minnaloushe.

hardy plant in south africa named " Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia"
Beautuful photography
Thanks for share


Thank you magicbot.

@crazymumzysa The online market place is a wonderful industry for truth of the matter and lies. Now it is actually quite challenging to acknowledge where by the reality is.


Thank you very much andrewramdas.

Great its amazing flowers

Nice picture

Love succulent plants, probably because we lived in the Karoo up to the age of 13


They have some beautiful species there. Enjoy a lovely week sea-cottage.

Those juice leaves remind me of Aloe Vera. Might be from the same family?

Nice picture and fotography amazing