Toesies, Nosies, Blooming Posies — Sneaking Up on a Sleeping Black Fox

8개월 전


Squiggle, wiggle, sidle, stop. Breathe softly. Squiggle forward again, camera extended... UGH what did I just wiggle through?

      Suck in another breath and grimace as something shifts and squishes under me. (On further examination on the way back, it's a chewed rabbit leg.) In front of me, the small black male fox dozes like a child; head bobbing, slitted eyes fluttering, little paws extended in a gentle stretch. It takes pretty much all of my power not to SQUEE at the top of my lungs and terrify the tiny fur-tufted tough guy. I'm here on my annual pilgrimage, and I know what a unique opportunity it is to observe these foxes while they allow me to. The least I can do is not act like a total asshat.


Sunlight gilds red-tipped, silvery fur and warms my heart. Little toes, a scarred up nose, and a sprinkling of yellow and blue flowers in a soft carpet to nap on.


Each set of these photos that I take of new families of foxes each year — laying in the grass watching them live their lives completely unconcerned about me or any other human — is truly a joy. Every few months I come back to my giant collection of shots and pull out a small vignette to share a little bit of that contented joy with you. I can't help but have to try to keep the smile from my face when I look at the perfect paw pose. I shift a bit to get more comfortable as the golden rays landing on my back start making me a little drowsy myself, and a caramel eye cracks open a slit. Dammit.



Those tiny toes and slashed nose twitch. Despite the bright sun, the shade this little monster is throwing my way is palpable.


I've smushed up his rabbit leg, and I've interrupted his sleep. The wide scar between his nostrils flares to let me know that he gives all of zero fucks about me hanging about, but the one-eyed look is full of annoyance and the suggestion I find a better locale to toast my buns, as this one is taken. I hide my grin and solemnly nod as I squiggle backwards again in deference; I figure I've pulled it off pretty respectfully as I stand up and dust myself off, until I realize I'm decorated with a bit of rabbit goop from his lunch. Humans are so annoying.

(Want more adorable foxes? See my very first Steem post about playful babies here, or this sassy momma here.)


These photos and words are my own work, inspired by travels all over this pretty blue marble of ours. I hope you like them. 🌶️


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I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a black fox. If I ever saw one I would have assumed it was just a very old one.

Mind you I had never seen a pig in real life til 2 years ago. That's city boys for you :P

It always, always warms my little lens when I find things like this while out shooting! For me, it's often birds, as that's mostly what I get to shooting.

Finding a bunch of little kits and momma fox was awesome though! Never got decent shots... always through some briars or bushes.
And mom?
I see her all summer, bold as day, trundling on down, mid road, in one direction or the other, maybe half the time with a bit of rabbit, or squirrel to bring back for a midday snack!


This is a trip I take each year to a place people tend not to know about. It's a closely guarded secret so I can selfishly keep having opportunities like these, but most of it is timing. Kits are old enough that momma doesn't worry much any more, but still small and fuzzy, and still fearless, plus the best possible weather. It's this annual perfect storm of adorbs.

I SUCK at taking pictures of birds. I haven't figured out the avian whisper, yet.


I envy those perfect storms of Adorabs-ness

God, I love these pictures you take.. Its a real talent you have with the camera, I am always highly impressed!

OMG it's so adorable I just want to snuggle it!!!!!


the struggle is real. I think they're probably bitey, but it's not very dissuasive.

You snuck up on that? You must have epic sneak skills.. love the fur and little plants underfoot.

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HOW DID YOU GET SO CLOSE TO A FOXY? Thats so cute ahhhh! What a cool buddy boi, ferocious boi, precious boi.

I wonder if you have the same powers with bears xD have you taken pictures of bears?? I got raccoons but thats about it LOL


Why yes, bears are always doing a yum around my place~

I have a papillion who looks just like a fox/bear-mouse haha. This little cousin is so sweet <3 Arrow (my pup) is super cuddley and lives in my bed with me, unfortunately I bet his cuz wouldn't be so inclined lol

I simply loved this, @crimsonclad - everything about it from your connection with the fox, to your playful and humorous words to your amazing photography. That little fox allowed you into his/her space. How special is that?!

@twodorks I think you and your little dorks would enjoy this post :)

I've never seen, nor heard of, a black fox! 😮

I was shocked that Wikipedia reports: "Foxes live on every continent except Antarctica." Wow! 🦊

In this area, we only have the Red Fox and the Gray Fox. This little guy you photographed is so very cute! It is amazing that you were able to get so close to him! Of course, you may have been using a zoom-lens on your camera, but still, to get that close is phenomenal to me! BRAVO for these wonderful photos and your always-entertaining write-up about the encounter! 😊


Little bit of both. They just have no idea that they should be concerned at all at this age, and provided you're kind and quiet, you're really not interesting to them at all!



Superb! 💖


Ah you got a telescoping lens, that helped alot.


Once again, too cool!

Awe! What a little sweetie! I have never heard of or seen a black fox! Very cool. Your pilgrimage sounds great! A time spent in nature. Do you go solo? I love the poetic nature of your post! Thanks for sharing @crimsonclad

When I was a little girl I used to pretend I was a fox. This is such a wonderful post! You made me glow and giggle. :)

What great shots! I applaud you on your ability to sneak up on such a fine fox. I would love to be you and see him resting there.

And the last shot! Wow! It’s one eye opened gives it such a look of wisdom in a way.

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Oh my goodness... He is so stinkin' cute!!!!! I wouldn't have been able to compose myself. I probably would've gotten my face bitten off trying to cuddle him!!! Hehe! Great shots Crim!

I love how you get your lens up close and personal with this little guy. Some people do an annual Black Friday shopping, others get family time with the kits.

You win.

And may I say what kick ass photography, even if you had to sit on gooey grossness to get it.


Very unusual to see a black Fox. I've never seen one before. This fury little creature looks pretty lax, infact probably of pension age, judging by those grey hairs. Or is that normal?
Looks like he's been fighting, by the scars on his nose (that's what makes me think he's a guy).
Great photo's - Thanks for your effort.

I went and creepily looked through your older posts on Sunday while I was waiting and loved your first one. You get some great shots and give a fantastic narrative.

@crimsonclad I am glad I found you. Great shots of the fox.
BTW I have never seen a black fox. resteeming.
I do have a question: Savings in the steem wallet .. how does that work and why would someone want to use savings. I have never seen that function used. Thanks :)


Thank you! They're kind of hard to be believed, aren't they? 😍

The quickest and easiest answer is that savings allows you to 'lock up' STEEM or SBD for a short period of 3 days without powering it up. As you probably know, it takes 7 days to get your first powerdown payment and the total you are withdrawing is divided over 13 weeks. Your savings balance is accessible after 3 days, in totality (if you withdraw it all.)

It is a good safety mechanism... If your account is compromised, one of the first things that happens is your liquid STEEM and SBD are transferred away, and there's no getting them back. So, in case someone gains access to your account, anything in savings or powered up have waiting periods on them to withdraw that value - I use it because this gives me a place I can hold liquid a bit more securely, but also means that I can get at it more quickly than if I were to keep it in SP. Win all around! I almost never use my keys in browser, but I like to use all the tools I have at my disposal. There is an option for interest to be set on savings by witnesses if it makes good economic sense, but right now that option is not being used given the way the overall market has been this last year or so.


Thanks for this valuable info.
It is great to know people like you. You are rare you know computer programs yet you love so many things like photography and writing. Nice to meet you and again thanks!

This reminded me of a time where I went to a local zoo and I managed to catch the Jaguar out of it's cage. It was laying down on a rock which was placed almost at the center of it's habitat. I remember staring at it for almost 10 minutes straight before my girlfriend called me over to keep looking at other animals but I just remember it as an eternal moment of bliss and joy. Just staring at it while he was breathing, absolutely captivated me. And I think you somewhat felt the same when finding this adorable black fox.

Loved the pics Crimmy! Keep us updated when you have more great animal photos like this!

very beautiful and adorable fox! awesome black colors and interesting face. so cute ❤
very pretty. love your photography style. wonderful work.

My internet is too slow to see your pic. However, I am here because the title was quite unique and eye catching. Im sure the photo was more so. 😀


Darn! I have them sized way down. I try to make sure I bring the size of the photos quite low so they'll have a better chance of being able to be loaded by all internet connections. thanks for the feedback... I'll try to squish them more!

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Oh wow! It even let you take some shots while it's eyes were opened a bit. Very cool! I do not think I could have contained my SQUEEs of how cute it was. Real real cool @crimsonclad Makes me want to grab my old camera.

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