Cartagena, Colombia - Day Images

4년 전

We just finished our first visit to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia.
Here's a small sample of the pictures we took there.
To prevent a huge post, I have divided the photos into two posts: Night Images and Day Images.

The houses and city colors are a photographer's delight especially in the afternoon.
Pope John Paul II

Catedral de Cartagena's Main Altar
Stairway decorated with flowers from a recent wedding.
Pope John Paul II

Old spanish-style colonial houses with balconies facing the street.
Pope John Paul II

Corner Building
Painted with vivid tropical colors.
Cartagena, Colombia

Hanging Gardens
Almost all houses are adorned by flowering plants and vines.
Cartagena, Colombia

Jardines de la Inquisicion
Garden detail of the Inquisition building patio.
Cartagena, Colombia

Old and New Cartagena
Modern Cartagena skyline seen from the old fortified sea wall.
Cartagena, Colombia

Entrance to Hell
Entrace to the execution patio from the Inquisition building .
Cartagena, Colombia

Museo Naval
Navy Museum Building .
Cartagena, Colombia

Peaceful Street
Cartagena is paradise for walkers and photographers .
Cartagena, Colombia

Old Street Signs
A collage of colonial ceramic tiles of street names .
Cartagena, Colombia

Ventana de la Denuncia
Anonymous window to place complaints on people for having acted against the Catholic faith.
Cartagena, Colombia

Caribbean Women's Busts
Native crafts and souvenirs are beautiful, well elaborated, and cheap!
Cartagena, Colombia

You can click on the picture to download a 1024px wide image for free if desired.

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Great pictures! I love the way they adorn their houses with the flowers and plants. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  ·  4년 전

Que lindo Cartagena!! Me muero por conocer! Que lindas fotos compartiste! Saludos!!