Eucalyptus Burned Leaf and "the" Tree

6개월 전

..Eucalyptus Burned Leaf and "the" Tree..

(..the ones I get precisely to burn around the house and part of the tree from they come from..)

..burned leaf..
(..ended up cutting the entire leaf instead of the burned part I initially intended to, but since I'm bored and mad as hell did both, You can see the intended part bellow the entire leaf..)

( it is..)

..burned at the window..
( the kitchen window, photography taken on top of a chair from the entrance to the kitchen..)
ƒ 5.9 · 1/80 sec. · 129.0 mm · ISO 64


..slightly closer?!..
(..or a closer crop?!..)
ƒ 5.9 · 1/80 sec. · 129.0 mm · ISO 64


..tree eyes..
(..also Fibonacci can be found? Everywhere..)
ƒ 4.2 · 1/30 sec. · 9.1 mm · ISO 64


..Pterodactylus tree..
(..because no dinosaurs..)
ƒ 3.1 · 1/60 sec. · 4.3 mm · ISO 64


..Eucalyptus tree..
(..You can see in the floor "my" open stash of leaves..)
ƒ 3.1 · 1/160 sec. · 4.3 mm · ISO 64

· sprout..
( many years climbing trees, walking amongst them, observing, smelling, interacting, and only now noticed how an Eucalyptus sprout look like..)
ƒ 4.5 · 1/40 sec. · 11.3 mm · ISO 64


..different focal points..
(..there was a breeze moving the leaves, so I took another photo..)
ƒ 4.0 · 1/40 sec. · 7.8 mm · ISO 64


..until next one..

❤ You all,
In Lak'ech Ala K'in

Photos shot w/ FUJiFILM FinePix S4000
Photos edited w/ GIMP · GNU Image Manipulation Program Software

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