Lightning in the Storm

10개월 전

⚡ Lightning on the Storm
(..from the one before the last..)

..Illuminating the sky..
(..this and the following can't be barely seen but they are located in the center, near the top of the tree..)
ƒ 4.8 · 8 sec. · 13.2 mm · ISO 64


..Not so Bright..
(..almost at the same spot, and I was starting to think I wouldn't caught one good shot..)
ƒ 4.9 · 8 sec. · 14.3 mm · ISO 64


( right, across the middle and on the middle-left, didn't edited anything beside resizing in any photo, oh, only a slight touch in contrast in the last one next..)
ƒ 4.5 · 8 sec. · 9.8 mm · ISO 64


(..and finally got a decent shot, just decent, not what I wanted but I'm happy w/it, better 'luck' next time..)
ƒ 4.5 · 8 sec. · 10.5 mm · ISO 64



..until next one..

❤ You all,
In Lak'ech Ala K'in

Photos shot w/ FUJiFILM FinePix S4000
Photos edited w/ GIMP · GNU Image Manipulation Program Software

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