Old wooden houses of Russia

4년 전

Friends hello. I want to tell you a little more about Nizhny Novgorod and show some photos. Like any city in Russia, it has different facets, beautiful and not very much. Today I will show you some pictures of wooden houses, in the heart of the city. Perhaps they will leave a depressing impression, perhaps ... There is another city. There is a strong social stratification. Many poor people are rich. As elsewhere in Russia, there is corruption at all levels. But there are a lot of good, simple people here, both in our time and in the past. I think the whole world should lead a unified position against corruption and for human rights. The world should develop social institutions and provide people with tools for a full life in the spirit of modernity. Look at some photos of old buildings in Nizhny Novgorod. They are beautiful in their own way. At least once, these were very modern and expensive houses.On one house there is a sign, in memory of the hero who lived here. Good luck friends, the next post will also be about architecture but already stone buildings.

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Beautiful and historic shots👍
Glad I found u again on here!

Hey I was locked outta my account @geneeverett I lost my password and am forced to start over. Def keep in touch friend👍 I did a few posts on video proving it’s me. It really sucks it’s like totally starting over but it is what it is....

Gorgeous photographs! Very interesting to hear from our brothers and sisters in Russia.

Although we have never met, I have a feeling Russians and Americans are very similar in a lot of things.

Keep the photos coming.



Thank you friend. I really like America, I always watch American movies and I respect you for your love of the country and your efforts to create a family.