Photos by my 6 year old

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So my son Luke had my old phone. He uses it mostly to play games and take pictures. He was carrying it around with us on our trip and was making videos and taking pictures the entire time.

Disaster Strikes

Unfortunately at the top of the Rocky steps he was trying to put in into my backpack. I thought that he already he it in and turned around. I am sure you can predict that the phone fell and now the touch screen doesn't react to your finger anymore. So when we got back to the hotel I took the opportunity to upload all of his pictures from the phone onto my laptop to ensure that they don't get lost.

Silver Lining

We had a lot of great laughs when we got a chance to look through all of his pictures. He had some great shots! but he also had a lot of pictures of the ground, and strangers, and the same shot over and over again. The one thing that I really enjoyed was how many pictures he took of me. I don't often take images of myself. I am usually the one holding the camera. It was also neat to see the pictures he took when I wasnt posing or looking.
This week I am featuring a selection of his photography where I am in the picture. Not to bad for a six year old.

Hope you all enjoy!








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Happy ending of Easter! I love your pictures and such a great environment to walk.
Your son takes really great pictures and so natural ones. Love the first one to with the statue. Just sorry to hear about the mishap with the phone but good you managed to get them over to the pc. Thank you for sharing this.
Have a wonderful week. Cheers!


Thanks Sara!
I obviously picked the better pictures from the bunch. I also cropped two of them.
It was surprising how many great pictures he took. I think I may make this a regular post as I found pictures from many of our other trips as well!


My pleasure my friend. Really was fun to se and great pictures. I understand that you picked out some but still like you say he made some really amazing shots and I would love to se more so that is a good idea to make it a regular one.
He can be a real photographer if he keeps this up 😉 have a wonderful evening and week. Cheers!