Film Photography - Oh the College years.

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So I actually went to a local community college when I was 16 while attending high school. I mostly took electives and foreign languages and loved every bit of it. One of the Electives I attended was photography. I also took photography after in my highschool to gain access to another dark room.

I really need to get back to my roots. I loved it. I mainly took black and white photos, and could print and develop them in either school. I currently have everything I need to set up a dark room of my own shoved in a box in my garage. Would just need to raise a few hundred bucks to build out a shed to put it all in. So no biggie if I get the actual motivation.

I was good (or I thought so at least). I have taken photos in Ireland, of special events, things, and been in art galleries.

Here is a photo of SpaceshipOne during the X prize winning launch like 10 years ago:


Some Ireland pics from 2004:

Rpg strike on the corner of a building on this one:

And this is a cellphone photo of my photo in from the art gallery at the local college:
It is hard to make out, but we were playing with lighting with a spot light. We were pouring a liquid out of a pitcher and I managed to get the photo as the water rolled and casted a shadow on itself

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Awesome photography my friend.

Keep film alive! I <3 this!