Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse - Portland, Maine

4년 전

THis was the first of the lighthouse self-tour I took. It was low tide so I was able to get out and get different angle of it. I will post a few more of it as time goes on.


Nikon D500 w/35mm lens
ISO 200
Edited in Lightroom

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LOve that perspective and what an awesome shot


Beautiful! If you have good quality content posts please consider this I'm trying to promote well-written posts on steemit.


Thank you. I will look it over and give it a shot. I have been frustrated with lest quality, so I like your idea. I have done quality stuff all along but are slimming it down to just my photos and a little blurb.


I see. Ok then, I will wait for your response. Thank you for considering to participate with your best post.

photos that reflect an old place, but very good friends.


Thank you.


yes same with my friends ..
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I love going full screen to see the details and this does not disappoint! Love the 'layers' in the foreground which are of course the rocks at low tide(?) and the white lighthouse appears like a jewel amongst it all! Wonderful!! :)


Thank you and yes that is low tide where I took that shot from. I will have to get back there and see it in different conditions. Also, thanks for the informative comment, ​means a lot.


Yes... and share the different conditions' pictures! :) Would love to see them too...
You're most welcome!! :)

I think you got a nice view..good to show