Self Portrait - My Car and I

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I never wanted to be "That Girl"

So my Instagram account @badazz_s550 is dedicated to my photography of just my car. This photo below has been posted there incase steem cleaners comes by its mine / me..

Anyways, yes I didn't want to be that girl that got likes because she posted a photo of herself in skimpy clothes beside a hot ass car!

I did however post a photo the other day of me and my car. I am not in skimpy clothes just a simple self portrait.. I gained a crap ton of followers, likes, and dms from it. (The DMs are "what mods are in your car?")

Galaxy s10 + Snapchat + Propped up on the car in front of me

Look at me sporting a Southside Serpants shirt too... lol...

I got the girls commenting how much they love my hair.. Damn straight my hair is awesome!

But it's really funny / interesting that a simple photo of yourself and your car gets peoples attention compared to the other amazing and gorgeous auto photography..

Welp that's all for this post! I just wanted to share a little.

Thanks for Viewing... Have a GREAT WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!

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Good look on the share or whatever you want to call it.

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