Supercars scene in INDIA 🇮🇳

2년 전

Hii people hope you’re doing good 😊
Some of the moments from BULL RUN 2017 which was organised by Lamborghini Bangalore,
Where 15 bulls marched behind eachother for a 150km drive 0CE5A41E-95CF-4807-B541-E88F28B0E96B.jpeg
The croud went mad after this stealth black huracan entered the scene D5CAB7C4-DAA6-4D99-BE16-2420488BA027.jpeg

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Lamborghini>Ferrari. I was just at one of the cars and coffee where this doctor had both an aventador and a 488. Check out my latest post where I took a pic.

i want that cars xD

ALL of them :D


Hope someday you can own all of them :)

Love to have that!


I hope so :)

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