ColorChallenge: Tuesday Orange - Budapest Sunset

3년 전

Hello people! Tonight I want to show you how beautiful is Budapest sunset.

This photo is taken with iPhone SE

I hope you like it!

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Excellent @deearchi, you can set this as a monochrome entry to a daveks' B&W Photo Contest with a theme of “Silhouettes”. Upvoted & resteemed.


thank you very much. i will check it out


oh... i just found street photography theme that is active. i have never participated in photo contests and link you sent me was about the winning photos so i am confused a bit right now...


Very nice moment @deearchi. Upvoted, resteemed, followed & DPS.

Please state clearly in the comments how would you like to be featured in the “Daily Photo Selection”: with a linked photo, or with link only without a photo. We are making a list of photographers who are ready to improve the visibility of their work through the DPS.


thank you :) I guess I would like with a likned photo

Beautiful photo and sun. Congrats...


thank you very much santana :)

hey love the comments and posts and was just wondering if you dont mind can you folow me please it would be very helpful as a fellow steamian and i will follow back of course if you drop a comment on my recent video, i talk mainly about video games as i am a true gamer.


thank you for your comment. to be honest, everything was nice and fine until you said "and i will follow back of course IF you drop a comment on my ..."
you can see my opinion about IFS and aggressive self-marketing in this story:

I will never expect of you or anyone else to follow me if you don't like what I do and, at the same time, I want to be free to upvote, follow and resteem people I like without thinking about calculation.

I do. I'll be there in just two weeks!