Milkyway Photocomposition

5년 전

This is a photocomposition I made some time ago. The picture was actually shot at daylight and was turned into this picture using Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. Please let me know if you would like to see a full tutorial on how to make a photocomposition like this one so I don't spend hours on a tutorial that noone cares about :)

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Its awesome, I see your shirt is strangely lit. Is there anyway to make it look more natural?


Hey, thanks! It's funny you mention that. The shirt is lit the way it is because it originally was a picture taken at daylight and the light came from the right. I could have edited it out but I actually decided to keep it because it makes the picture look a bit more interesting. I think I will edit it out to see what difference it makes.

Nice picture.
Thanks for sharing.

nice work m8 :-)
i already know how to do similar in photoshop but i'd say yes. do a tutorial.
it would benefit plenty of new photographers. keep up the good work.

pretty freaking cool


thank you =)