SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry - Barney the Leopard Gecko - Macrophotography

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Barney the Leopard Gecko


This is Barney. He is the leopard gecko of my brother. He's a beautiful animal; his skin is very soft and his eyes are like tiny marbles. But you have to get really close up to see why is skin is so soft and what his eyes really look like... Perfect conditions for this challenge!


I had this cheap Chinese macro ring laying around for a long time but I never really played with it. The Steemitphotochallenge finally encouraged me to use it. The ring allows you to attach the lens backwards to your camera body. As you can see in the picture, the depth of field is very small, so getting the focus just right suddenly becomes very hard. I found that the most effective way to focus in on your subject is to move closer or farther from it until the focus is where you want it. Another problem was lighting. I didn't think I really had to care about lighting but I soon found out that you need a lot of it. I had to turn on all the lights and used two softboxes to get down to iso 800. The problem was probably that I had no control over aperture so I had to work with what I had.


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Wow, that is one kick ass gecko :) love how clear it is.

Fabulous shot! Congrats on winning 2nd place in the photo challenge with it :)


thank you!! :)

Wow wow echt superrrrr !
Ich habe viele Gecko,s hier bei mir zu Hause aber nicht so große
Alles Liebe
I follow You Now 🌴

Are gecko's difficult to take care of? Yours is very pretty.


Thank you :) No, it's very easy. just give them a couple of grasshoppers once a week and some water. They can easily go 3 weeks without food and water because they store all they need in their tail.

Great shot & amazing animal. With such an hardly moving object you could try to increase the depth of field with a more narrow aperture plus longer exposure. Would require a tripod of course.


thanks! Well, as I said, I had no control over aperture because I had mounted my lens the wrong way around. The gecko unfortunately moved a lot so it took me over 200 pictures and a shutter speed of 1/200s to get the focus and lighting right.

Wow—incredible shot!
I also really like the table layout at the bottom for 'about' etc.

Barney the Leopard Gecko - Macrophotography

Is Barney related to the purple dinosaur? I see you used a Canon 6000. When you mentioned having no control over the aperture but overall your photography is clear and crisp. Can't tell what type of bug Barney is eating but the setting looks natural and not staged, reminds me of when I was a child a would try to capture lizards during the summer -- never had much luck as the lizards always were way too fast.

Anyhow can you add more posts to Steemit when you get the time. You show a lot of potential in your work. Just my thoughts, Ron