What is this? Learn how to send me an encrypted message.

3년 전

Do you know?

The other day I found this ••THING•• and did some pictures.

Looks cool, but what is this??


Another view



And an animation


If you know this THING, please send me the answer as an encrypted message.

To do so, just send a minimal amount of steem or SBD and add a „#“ as the first character into the memo followed by a „space“ and your answer.

Enjoy your day, have some fun and steem on!

 " \"detlev steemit klein.gif\""

Detlev love steemit

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Another fun adventure @detlev I think I know your object, bumpy animation, looks like you were having some fun too.


Life is to have fun, isn‘t it?

and you may add some beers


I have to get the camera out and take some beer photography again, really enjoyed that too (the beer and the photography) It would appear my guess was right and your animation did the trick. Have an awesome day! 😊


@joansttewart I do nearly all my pics with my smartphone and some cool addon apps.

Enjoy your weekend

intresting and good to know. thanks.

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it is for shure some cooling body, but i can not say, for which machine it is....

@detlev, I have not idea what the picture is but I am super excited to learn about encrypted messages.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi, thanks for the info on encrypting messages, so handy.. I also think I know the object, at least it looks like what I think it is! :o) Minimum amount of SBD sent as requested.. Chat soon

  ·  3년 전

Done! Just for fun! That animation is a little trippy too!

Wow... Great innovation...
It's amazing photography...
Love to read and love to see
Great to share

you just amazed man great job .

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So far nearly all answers where correct!

To read a encrypted message, you might log in with your memo key and look to your wallet